Elena Almazova was born and grew up in Moscow. Art and in particular painting has been at the core of her life ever since she can remember. Between the ages of seven and seventeen she was given a comprehensive art training in the preparatory art school, where great stress was put on the traditional teaching methods and developing a thorough grounding in a wide range of art techniques.

She then proceeded to study in Moscow Institute of Architecture, were she had a chance to experience the traditional Beaux Arts education involving watercolour renderings as well as stone carving and modelling. Following the Diploma she won a scholarship to continue her education at the Post Graduate Course in the Prince of Wales’s Institute of Architecture in London and then obtained the Master of Art degree from the University of Wales.

While practicing architecture in London she was a member of an award winning team, lead by Giles Downes, which was responsible for the restoration of Windsor Castle following the 1992 fire.

Throughout her business career she continued painting landscapes and still life, both in watercolours and oils, getting her inspiration from the numerous trips to Far East and south America as well as everyday views and objects surrounding her in London.

Her art explores and expresses her continuous search for beauty and whimsy in nature and the man made environment